General conditions and liability

An agreement is entered into by reservation. The present general terms and conditions apply to the agreement entered into. The person who enters into the agreement on behalf of himself and/or third parties is primarily liable for all obligations arising from this agreement.
The infliction of damage to property of Hotel Tiefenhagen Sauerland, or the theft thereof, will be charged to the person responsible or the person responsible.
Hotel management of Hotel Tiefenhagen Sauerland is not responsible for physical injury, material damage or consequential damage of any kind.
The stay in the hotel is entirely at your own risk. In the event of theft or vandalism, the police will be called in immediately, or the infliction of physical injury will be reported to the police.
It is not allowed to take away meals and eat them in the rooms, this also applies to alcoholic drinks you brought yourself.
You can enjoy a meal from the menu in our restaurant. You are not obliged to eat in our restaurant and you can eat outside as long as the meals are not brought to the rooms.
if meals are taken in the rooms, 15 euros per room per person per night will be charged
We also have an anti-smoking policy in the rooms. If you want to smoke, you can smoke at the main entrance of the hotel. If traces of cigarettes and/or narcotics are found, 250 euros will be charged
house rules:
⦁ Possession or use of narcotics is NOT allowed.
⦁ Possession of hand or firearms is NOT allowed, if this is the case the police will be immediately alerted.
⦁ Hotel Tiefenhagen Sauerland is a non-smoking hotel.
⦁ Bringing and consuming your own drinks is NOT allowed in and around the hotel.
⦁ Smoking in the rooms and public areas is NOT allowed, in case of violation the hotel can impose a fine of € 250.00
⦁ Pets are NOT allowed in the hotel
⦁ In case of misconduct, you are requested to leave the hotel immediately